Polymer 2.0 Component Usage

iron-ajax is generally the backbone of any Polymer web app that retrieves data from an API. It’s built on top of the Promise API and should handle just about all of your network needs. Usage in DOM <!– html –> <iron-ajax id=”getUser” method=”GET” on-response=”_getUserSuccess” on-error=”_getUserError” withCredentials=”true”></iron-ajax> Basic GET request. I like to set as the… Continue reading Polymer 2.0 Component Usage

Does my progressive web app need breadcrumbs?

Inspired by a request from our business team. They want to implement breadcrumbs into our iOS, Cordova wrapped Android, and progressive web app. Short answer: no. Long answer: Most likely no.

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2017 Year End Review

I know it’s the middle of January but it’s fine. 2017 was a wild year for me with plenty of firsts and some pretty defining experiences. I officially asked my now fiancĂ©e to get married to me. Still a bit strange calling her that. We’re 90% sure of a destination wedding towards the end of… Continue reading 2017 Year End Review

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