2017 Year End Review

I know it’s the middle of January but it’s fine.

2017 was a wild year for me with plenty of firsts and some pretty defining experiences.

I officially asked my now fiancée to get married to me. Still a bit strange calling her that. We’re 90% sure of a destination wedding towards the end of the year.

I knocked four countries off of my list: Greece, Denmark, Sweden, and France.  The best experiences are indeed traveling to another country and you get to learn a great deal about how you handle stress and how you respond to the stress of your traveling partner. We definitely plan on doing more traveling especially considering we need to scout locations for the wedding.

Bought a condo. I’ve been in here for a month and we already have 3 or 4 unfinished projects and a laundry list of things we need to purchase. I’m looking forward to it though. I’ve already got a makeshift workbench set up and the bottom floor smells like fresh lumber and wood stain.

Hit 2 years at Stanley Black & Decker. It’s officially the longest I’ve been with a single corporation and I’ve enjoyed my time here.

My biggest personal goal that I am committing to this year is: getting to done.

I couldn’t figure out a better way of putting it without copying Larry the Cable Guy.

Looking back at the past year, one area of improvement is finishing things that I’ve started. Action against inaction if you will. I started 4 personal projects last year and 3 have sputtered and the 4th has been sidetracked. Not very productive.

It will be a goal of mine to define ‘done’ and then work to reach it for everything that I start.

A technology goal of mine is: building my own blockchain.

With the frenzy around cryptocurrency and the potential behind blockchain, I want to understand the technology and put myself in a position to take advantage of what’s to come.

In the end it will be discipline and positive daily habits that win out. And getting better at ending posts 😛

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