Going keto in 2016

Roughly two months back I decided to swap up my diet once again, this time diving head first into keto. If you don’t know what keto is, this /r/keto FAQ sums it up in a straight forward yet concise matter. The gist being that you replace eating carbs with fats. I’ve always adhered to a low sugar/processed foods diet so it wasn’t that big of a change for me but the results that I’ve seen thus far are fucking phenomenal.

I’ve dropped 10lbs in overall weight, 2 inches on my waist, and have been able to maintain all of my lifts in the gym. Also I don’t get groggy during the day, sleep comes easily, and I’m much more focused.

Oh and I eat foods like this on a daily basis:

The hardest part so far has been avoiding all of the armchair dietitians (i.e. everyone) less I want to get into a 30min debate about why their 45lb overweight ass is eating ‘healthier’ than I am (read this).


I do get cravings every once in a while for birthday cake flavored sweet stuff but I’m also doing this thing where I’m a grown ass man and do what I have to do to reach my goals. #goalLife

New Years, New Goals?


I’ve never been one to be affected by the changing of the calendar year. I don’t think I have that compartmental mental construct that’s affected by what special day it is whether if it’s my birthday or some anniversary. I also don’t worry about setting New Years’ resolutions because, one, I never follow through, and two, it’s generally far too broad and devoid of a plan when I set it which reinforces the first reason. Plus, this article on the internet agrees with me.

That being said, I am a big believer in developing habits and acquiring new skills. Any sort of goals that I might set are generally short to mid-term revolving around those two targets. I also don’t like sharing what my goals are until after I’ve accomplished them, here’s why:

Bam. Thank you shiny man.

That’s it.